#FishStripes: Swimming Through New York

Editor's Note: Please welcome Zach James, who will take over our #FishStripes piece that features the best of the Marlins and social media.

Although Miami is a bolstering city filled with entertainment, going to New York is a whole different game that has a much bigger tank for the Marlins to swim in. Just ask a few players.

Especially the main poster boy of the team Logan Morrison.

He visits the MLB Fan Cave where he finds out that he knows very little about the Big Apple.

Good thing he's good at his day job.

In this video also produced by the Fan Cave, Morrison also talks about which pop singer encompasses his walls back home in South Florida.

One good thing LoMo does do is tweet, and here is his Tweet of the Week:

"Don’t just bend the rules, break them in half and beat them with both pieces."

Of course, LoMo does that so well by not caring what he tweets or how people respond to his tweets. He fits so perfectly with the team mentality that manager Ozzie Guillen has added to the team.

Speaking of the skipper, he's been keeping things low since his comments regarding Fidel Castro, and thus his Twitter account has been quiet since then. He has not sent a tweet since April 4.

The play of the Marlins has been a little strange. The Marlins are 8-12 as they head to the Bay Area to face the Giants later this week, but they faced the Diamondbacks where they played a tight series against the reigning NL West champions.

Dan Jennings got called up this weekend, and he feels more than blessed to get the chance to pitch in the Majors. You can welcome the Berkeley, Calif. native to the team on Twitter with his @LtDanJennings handle. Jennings was called up due to the struggles that Chris Coghlan has been having during this skid Miami is going through.

Play of the Week: Despite the team's slump, the team came away Saturday with a walk-off single by Hanley Ramirez, giving the Marlins their first win since April 19.

While the team was in New York, they stopped by the Today Show to showcase how one of their anchors tried out for the team. She didn't fare well.

The Marlins front office staff took place in the Samson Run back in Miami this past week. The team's official Twitter page has plenty of pictures of Marlins staff participating in the run.

Miami faces San Francisco and San Diego this week on the road. Follow along here on Fish Stripes for all game recaps.

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