Fish Bites: Wednesday

Could we see this throughout the season please? Let's get the speedsters on base, and then have the power guys drive them in. Give that home run sculpture a workout! (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Not much can be made about the early 4-6 record for the Marlins. Yes, they have had to deal with a media circus, but then again, aren't they going to be dealing with the media all season anyway? This is the ball club that is doing it differently. No doubt about it. So I just think the two blown saves by Heath Bell are the only difference. The Marlins will create plenty of runs and steals soon enough. And when the pitching is good team wide, look out. Let's go Fish!

- If the Marlins are going to lead the National League in steals this season, they are going to need to hit the ball better. There are quite a few players in the line up that are hitting for poor averages. I know the base stealer first has to get on base to even have a shot of stealing. But without thinking much about how it works, the ball club has to move the line. Imagine the top of the order with five at-bats a night, instead of three at bats. You know things are rolling when Reyes has five at bats in a game. He rarely will go hit less. More at bats to this team, means more steals.

- Big Z reflects on his time with the Cubs. Especially now that the Cubs are in town to face the Marlins. He had nothing but nice things to say about his former employer.

- Sports Illustrated recently spoke to Jeffrey Loria about manager Guillen. The owner says Guillen has been excellent for the team. Its good to see the owner still defends his manager 110% after all of the recent events.

- Marlin Maniac gives you an in-depth look into the Marlins statistics after ten games. Take a minute and look at this. Even though there is almost an entire season left to go, the stats are alarming for a few players (Johnson, Bell), and terrific for a few others (Cishek, Bonifacio)

- Watch the Showtime trailer for the upcoming series "The Franchise," here. It is awesome. What I like is that you get to see actual clips of the Marlins sending down Brian Petersen before the season, and David Samson delivering the news to Ozzie that he has been suspended due to the recent incident. Very cool.

- The Miami Marlins will select once in the top 60 picks of this year's 2012 Major League Baseball Draft. They will select ninth. To see the entire list of picks, click here.

Around the League

- Madison Bumgarner signed a five year extension with the San Francisco Giants. If you are that interested, click here to view the details.

- The Atlanta Braves are retiring John Smoltz No. 29 jersey in June. A great honor for a terrific starting pitcher and closer. In the NL East, we all know him well.

- Johnny Damon officially signs with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians need hitting now. So expect him to be up with the big league club very soon.

At Fish Stripes

- Mr. Jong visited the new Marlins Park over the weekend. He wants to share with you his first impressions. Honestly, he tells it like it is. And he may even help you find parking! Just kidding. Read here.

- Have you ever witnessed a cycle? We're in the last four days of the voting. Please take three seconds and vote below. Personally, I have never witnessed a cycle, but I was present for a no-hitter.

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