Miami Marlins Season Preview: Game Thread Do's and Dont's

Hanley Ramirez and other Miami Marlins are welcoming the opportunity to talk trash with members of other teams on the Fish Stripes game threads. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, we discussed one of the myriad of things that you can do on the new game threads at Fish Stripes, and I encourage everyone to once again take a look at how the new Ichthyomancy will play. But Ichthyomancy submissions are not the only thing that I expect to see in the game threads of the 2012 season. In fact, I think Ichthyomancy only scratches the surface of what we may see this year in game threads. At the same time, while there are some things that are totally expected in the game threads this year, there are also some things that are not allowed, and this si as good a space as any to go over the "do's and dont's" of the game threads this season.

Game Thread Do's

- Do discuss any and all parts of the game in question. Any discussion, rampant cheering, and angered complaining about the game is allowed. If you are mad at the Marlins for performing poorly, that's cool. If you're happy to see another Hanley Ramirez home run, cheer to your heart's content.

- Do cheer for the other team, if that's your inclination. Here at Fish Stripes, we are not about to turn down any visitors coming in and cheering for the opposing team; in fact, we welcome the light-hearted banter of the opposing fans. Keep the language kosher and the trolling minimum and everything is welcome.

- Do leave as many comments as possible. Feel free to make yourself and your thoughts heard at each and every instance. Any thought that pops into your head (provided it follows the "dont's" appropriately) are fine, and you do not need to tone down how often you comment at all.

- Do submit your entries into Ichthyomancy. The more Fish Stripes regulars who play, the better the game gets, so get those entries in from three hours before the game starts to right up to the opening pitch.

Game Thread Dont's

- Don't use any language that would not be appropriate anywhere else on the site. Yes, cheering for the Marlins can occasionally be rough and frustrating, but let us keep the cursing at an absolute minimum.

- Don't embed any images in the comments themselves. If everything goes according to plan, we will get a lot of traffic flowing through the game threads, and we definitely do not want to slow down the loading times of the thread by forcing everyone to load images. Leave them as links.

- Don't post anything that is not safe for work (NSFW). This is a PG site, after all.

- Don't troll the readership. I'll be the judge of who or what is trolling versus normal banter, but generally speaking, do not try and provoke other commenters into a flame war, or you will be hearing from me.

- This one is super important. Do not post any feeds to any games to the game thread or anywhere else on the site. Here at SB Nation, we are cutting down on illegal feeds and are trying to build a better rapport with, so any illegal feeds posted anywhere on the site will be taken down.

I am hoping that the game threads will be a fun destination for every Marlins fan who wants to enjoy the game on television and among friends rather than on their own. I hope that you will join us every evening, because I guarantee you will see me and some of the great writers of this site.

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