Fish Bites: Thursday

Can we start the season already? Feb 22, 2012; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins manger Ozzie Guillen during spring training drills at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

We are getting closer and closer now to the opening of the new Marlins Park. However, before we get to this momentous occasion, the Marlins have to spend a month in Jupiter. So much of this Marlins team is new and exciting. And of course, baseball will look for anything attention grabbing it can find to get its fan base rocking from day one (and not when the local basketball team in any city is ruled out of the playoffs). Today I recap the first day or so of spring training. Nothing earth shattering, but with the Marlins, you have to keep up!

- Will Ozzie change his ways this season? That's an easy one, no. However, the Marlins are counting on him giving each of its young players a jolt. Will he also jolt the owner Loria along the way? Probably not in the beginning. In fact, Ozzie says he will get along just fine with the Marlins owner. See what Capozzi had to say.

- Carlos Zambrano is crazy about moving on from Chicago. And eager to start afresh with the Miami Marlins. He even brushed Ozzie back with all this excitement. The Palm Beach Post got a few lines from the team's fifth starter going into spring.

- The Marlins are taking it easy early on with LoMo. Obviously its the right thing to do coming off of knee surgery. They will also limit the time he stands out in left field during the spring. Nevertheless, Morrison is fully confident he will be able to play games soon.

- There is a lot of intrigue as the Marlins start spring training. But when it comes to pitching, they are set. Barring injuries or suspensions (Oviedo), the Marlins have the starting rotation and seven reliever spotsthey can pencil in now. What a nice 'problem' to have. This speaks to the work the front office has been doing the last few years.

- You want to see the Marlins on national television? Not going to happen. Many of the big networks have passed on the Marlins, at least early on. Depending on how things play out, the Fish might be on more later in the season. See details here.

Around the League

- Former lights out closer Jason Isringhausen signs on with the Angels. Great move to add depth.

- Pudge is looking 'for real playing time.' Another sad case of a player having a hard time letting go. Regardless if he is a future Hall of Famer.

- Beyond the Boxscore says the next Jose Bautsta is Michael Morse. I think they are correct. Read more here.

At Fish Stripes

- Get your Marlins season preview now. Mr. Jong is giving you all the info, at no extra cost. No need to go out and search elsewhere.

- Don't forget to play Yahoo Fantasy Baseball this year. You won't regret it!

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