Fish Bites: Slow on the Miami Marlins Front

Did you know that Mike Redmond celebrates Christmas? It's a slow news day, give me a break. - Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Miami Marlins news is trickling slowly as the new year approaches, so Fish Stripes has you covered with all sorts of links from here and elsewhere. Links on Mike Redmond, the Marlins year-in-review, and apparently the Boston Red Sox.

The Miami Marlins have not made any headlines over the last few weeks. Given the headlines that they were making before this time period, Marlins fans can safely assume that this is a good thing. At this rate, any major headline we write up here on Fish Stripes may cause Fish fans to panic about Giancarlo Stanton being traded. Here are your links for the week that was.

- Joe Frisaro of provides a year in review for the Miami Marlins. Look for one on Monday from Fish Stripes as well.

- New manager Mike Redmond celebrates Christmas. I am serious, that is all that article seems to say. Redmond has a number of traditions that other folks who celebrate Christmas likely also have. It was a nice fluff interview piece.

- Chris Ryan of Grantland points out the great and furious anger that is present in the Miami Marlins Facebook page. I will admit that I have never read the page, but it is one steaming pile of hatred from a group of passionate fans.

- This is not necessarily Marlins-related, but Deadspin really took apart the Palm Beach Post's Joe Capozzi's Hall of Fame ballot. Rightfully so, I would say, though kudos to Capozzi for at least voting for Tim Raines.

Around the League

- After a very successful career both stateside in the majors and in Japan, Hideki Matsui is going to retire (Japanese link).

- The Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates completed a deal for closer Joel Hanrahan. The prospects going Pittsburgh's way are on the older and lower-upside side, but they got quantity for one year of Hanrahan. I agree with's Keith Law that Pittsburgh should have dealt Hanrahan last year (Insider subscription).

- Catcher Mike Napoli and the Red Sox agreed to a three-year deal worth $39 million a few weeks back, but they still have not finalized a deal because of supposed hip issues. Apparently since this problem, another team has shown interest in Napoli.

- SB Nation Boston's own Jen Royle via Twitter reports that the Red Sox are also still interested in Adam LaRoche.

At Fish Stripes

- On Tuesday, we wished all of you Fish Stripers a merry Christmas.

- Also, we discussed the possibility that Jose Fernandez and / or Christian Yelich would sign Tampa Bay Rays-like extensions with the team.

- On Wednesday, we recapped the doubly disappointing 2012 year that the Marlins faced.

- Yesterday, Sam Evans wrote that the Marlins should pursue international free agent Dariel Alvarez.

- Also, I discussed the truth behind the effect of Marlins Park on run scoring in 2012.

- Fish Stripes also previewed the new batting practice caps for the Miami Marlins in 2013.

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