I say free agency is the answer to the rotation

I've been a fan for a very long time, and I gotta say that as much progress the Marlins managed to accomplish during the free agent rush, signing three all-stars in Reyes, Buehrle, and Bell, all of a sudden they seem lost in their plans. The FO is looking for another top-of-the-line starter to finish off the rotation, and I can understand that seeing as we still have to compete with Philadelphia's rotation.

But I REALLY don't think that a trade is the answer here. Because think about this: As proven during free agency, in order to get good players, you have to dish out a lot of cash to lure them to your team. Now in the trade market, it's the exact same thing, except instead of WHAT are we willing to give, it's WHO we're willing to give, and in all honesty I wouldn't be willing to give up LoMo OR Gaby.

LoMo provides some much-needed left-handed power that we would lack should we trade him, and Gaby was our only all-star last year, and he got there by being a steadily producing RBI machine, I wouldn't give that up, especially since now we'll have an awesome one-two punch at the top of the lineup like we did during the days of Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo.

Now here's what I would do, and this is merely my personal opinion of course. Technically, our rotation is already full-up at five with JJ, Buehrle, Nolasco, Anibal Sanchez, and Volstad. I think we should trade Volstad, seeing as he's had struggles in the past with first-inning management and control problems as far as I can tell, and we put him in a package deal with Oviedo (formerly Leo Nunez) in order to trade for some prospects, which would restock our farm system AND make a little payroll space for someone else.

Should the Marlins make a move like that, my personal opinion would be to sign a well-liked former Marlin in
Livan Hernandez. Why him? Well I could say that it would be for the purpose of being a workhorse capable of eating innings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which wouldn't be incorrect information seeing as he's had a reputation for doing just that, but it's not my point.

My view on this potential signing is more business related. Think about this, Livan was a fan-favorite when he was with us before, and bringing him back could possibly bring people to the new ballpark to welcome him back to the team. I mean let's face it folks, we all loved it when Jeff Conine was brought back in the 2003 season, why not Livan?

Adding onto the fact that Livan is a Cuban, now while that seems irrelevant at first glance, think about where the Marlins parked their new stadium, it's loaded with Cubans, and they really enjoy having a Cuban born pitcher on the team, which would also attract a lot of Cubans to the ballpark. And in doing that, the promised attendance predictions should only be bolstered further, which would generate EVEN MORE revenue, and will allow us to possibly make yet another move in the near future.

The Marlins want a front-of-the-line starter? That's fine, I understand that and wouldn't mind it...UNLESS it came at the cost of one of our best players. Livan would be a good, cheap option who would be very comfortable in South Florida, would be able to eat innings and keep our bullpen rested, would bring lots of fans into the ballpark because of nostalgia and cultural heritage, and would be a good business move overall. So what do you think folks? Good move? Discuss.

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