Edwin Rodriguez has a website

It seems that Manager Edwin Rodriguez has a website and he has had one for quite some time.

The Florida Marlins begin their first trip of the season Friday, and Manager Edwin Rodriguez is taking a laptop to monitor his website.

Rodriguez enjoys computers as a hobby and built the site himself. It’s in Spanish and directed primarily at friends and fans in his native Puerto Rico.

The site — eldirigente.com — has been up for a couple of months. "El dirigente" is Spanish for "the manager."

The fact the site is written in Spanish shouldn't be a problem for most in South Florida. However, I am one of those who can't read the language. At least, not above a first grade level. But for some (most?) of you, you should be able to follow along, if you want to.

The site is not all about personal info in Edwin's day-to-day life. Edwin's answers baseball questions on the site so he does not have to answer the same questions to his friends and family over and over again.

The manager has been a techie for quite some time.

He decided to start his first website on baseball instruction in 2000, when he was managing in the minors, but he didn’t know how to build it.

"I went to a place and they gave me an estimate of $8,000," he said. "I said, ’Forget it, I’ll build it myself.’ So I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book for $30, and two months later the website was up. At one point I had four websites, all baseball-related."

I'm impressed. Back in 2000, in order to get a website up, one had to do a fair amount of coding. But he has made it a little easier on himself more recently and moved his site to blogspot. Haven't messed with blogspot in a long, long time, but it has to be easier than straight coding everything. Also, you don't have to pay a host. Which is a plus.

If you can read Spanish, I recommend bookmarking it and checking it out from time-to-time. It might answers some of your, "why did he do that?", questions.

[Update] Ted Hill, in the comments, clues us into the fact that Edwin writes in very proper Spanish. So if you would like to read his writings simple copy and paste the text into Google Translate and read away. It really works. Thanks, Ted.

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