My 2012 Marlins Lineup and Rotation

I'm pretty new at writing blogs, but I have been a Marlins fan for years now and am very much excited for this upcoming off-season that just as gone underway. I have been looking up News about the Marlins everyday just to see whats going on, which shows me interest.


Since I've been reading around a lot I have had a few speculations of possible moves and signings that the Marlins should definitely think about pursuing this off-season, moves that will help this team reach the postseason in 2012.


I definitely want to start off at first base with Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder being in the free agent market this year. Pujols, even though i would be glad to bring him to Miami, is a far shot just because of his recent World Series win and the cost its going to take to provide him. It will take up all of our new salary space that the Marlin fans have been waiting for very long which will keep us from signing other possible free agents that we desperately need. I do believe Prince Fielder will be a big impact for the Marlins. Even though his strikeout total is pretty high, and that we have Mike Stanton who does that quite enough, his on base percentage makes up for it. Though if we do acquire the Prince, I'm sadly to say that we would need to trade away Miami Hurricane alumni Gaby Sanchez. who will bring in a possible starting pitcher. That is unless Gaby can switch, with his gold glove caliber, to the hot corner which could always be a possibility.


Third base is an area that I don't quite know how the Marlins should approach it. We definitely should resign Greg Dobbs to another year, he has shown that he can be consistent at times and really fire up the team as well as a great pinch hitter. Emilio Bonifacio can play there as well, which some training and Spring Training play there, he could become the new Chone Figgins, but faster and younger.


Outfield is an area that i have been thinking about for a while. And with all the trade talks about LoMo, i'd have to think that he might be out the door, even though his potential is through the roof. He has already caused problems his first year which means possibly more could come? We already no the front office doesn't fair well with that by the stunts of Joe Girardi. But more on LoMo later, I'm just gonna put a name out there who i believe the Marlins should think about pursuing. Grady Sizemore. Yes he has gone down a lot and yes hes a liability. But its a chance the Marlins could take and someone who could be shapened back up. He is still a Gold Glover even though his legs arent what they used to be. He definitely will provide a spark to the team and seats that will be filled that the Marlins front office is looking for.

Last, I feel pitching is a main area that everyone knows should be concentrated on. To start off, I know some Marlin Fans wold like to see CJ Wilson here, but im not to sure about that. Yes he is a good pitcher during the season, but he didnt show any playoff contribution what so ever. If were looking to win, we need pitching. Hopefully JJ gets and stays healthy and Anibal keeps getting better. Nolasco is someone that shows way to much inconsistency and I feel should put his skills else where. I feel we should trade for some well rounded prospects that we need to refill the farm system. There has also been speculation about a Gio Gonzalez for LoMo talk going around. I say go for it, bring the Hialeah native back home who could really solidify the number 2 or 3 spot. I also think Mark Buerhle should be a strong canidate the Marlins should aim for. With Ozzie here, im should we would attract some attention towards him. He may be a little over the age the Marlins usually want and have, but he has the veteran present and knowledge that would definitely be used, plus his 200+ innings and below 4 ERA in his career. Javier Vazquez did well the second half of the season for us, but he will be looking for more money, and a definite contender. A possible substitute we could bring in who would be cheaper is Livan Hernandez.. He loves Florida and still has great stuff at his age. With the recent incident of Leo Nunez (Ovideo), searching for a closer should be another thing. I would love Ryan Madson to come, but the cost may be to high that the Marlins arent to sure about paying.  I think Francisco Rodriguez would be a great asset to the role, hes young and still could get back into his prime.


Those are just quite some moves I think the Marlins should keep an eye on this off-season. Here is the Lineup and Rotation I feel would help bring us to the next level:



1. Bonifacio 3B

2. Chris Coghlan CF

3. Hanley Ramirez SS

4. Prince Fielder 1B

5. Mike Stanton RF

6. Grady Sizemore LF

7. John Buck C

8. Omar Infante 2B

9. Pitcher



1. Josh Johnson

2. Gio Gonzalez

3. Mark Buehrle

4. Anibal Sanchez

5. Livan Hernandez

CP: Francisco Rodriguez


I feel this could be a strong Pitching staff and Lineup that could contend in the 2012 season without a doubt. This payroll right here given the money given to Fielder who is a little above the $20 million mark, Buehrle at the $15 million, Francisco Rodriguez $8 million and Sizemore at the $5 million, will put us around the area where the Marlins should be happy with $93 million.


This is my first time blogging and something I really wanted to think up for the next season, so let me know what you guys think.

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