Little League benefit Designed Balls autographed by Uggla and Johnson up for auction

I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, but I will give it a try.  And blockquotes will be used.  It seems for the second year that SUBWAY and the Little Leaguers have gotten together to auction off baseballs designed by the little guys and signed by Major Leaguers.

In an email from Kate of SUBWAY Restaurants:

Just thought you’d like to let the Marlins fans out there know that they have the chance to own a baseball signed by Dan Uggla and another signed by he and Josh Johnson! They’ve both signed baseballs to be a part of our SUBWAY Baseball DeSIGNS tour, a collection of baseballs decorated by Little Leaguers and signed by professional athletes and celebrities. The 40-baseball display has been making tour stops across the country and is currently set up at the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, PA.

From the eBay auction discription:

All the proceeds from the auction will go to the Little League Urban Initiative.

So if you want to bid on the signed decorated balls you need to put your bid in on eBay.

Here are the links:

Dan Uggla autographed baseball SUBWAY BASEBALL DeSIGNS


Josh Johnson and Dan Uggla singed baseball SUBWAY Baseball DeSIGNS

The last time I checked the Danny signed ball was barely outpacing the JJ and Danny signed ball.  The auction ends on Sunday so you are just in time for the frenzy bidding.  Assuming there will be frenzy bidding.

If you click on the links, the Danny alone ball's picture didn't load until you click on the enlarge link, but maybe you won't have that problem.  The "art work" on the Danny alone ball by the LIttle Leaguers looks a little better to me.  But then again, I am not known for my taste in the finer aspects of life.

If you decided to bid, it is for a worthy cause.  Especially since, more kids need to be playing baseball at a young age.  It is the best game there is and an early introduction only makes for getting some athletes interested in the game and maybe, just maybe, they will get to play it at the highest level.  But even if they don't, the sport needs all the fans it can get.  I know that Little League was where I started my love affair with the game.  (OK, that's a lie.  I loved the game even before I started advertising for a BBQ restaurant on the back of my jersey.  But the thought still remains.)

Thanks to Kate for the email.

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