Fish Wrap - Marlins 8, Rays 9

The Marlins and Rays were back in action on Super Saturday for game two of the current Citrus Series, and FishStripes was in attendance for every moment of the action.

We'd love to tell you all about what happened during the game, unfortunately, it was air horn/vuvuzela giveaway night at the park, therefore rather than watching the game unfold, we spent nine innings plotting the death and dismemberment of the person who came up with this heinous torture also referred to as a promotion.

But in case you'd rather read a recap of the game than our list of satisfying ways to do away with Promotions Guy, here's what we think went down:

Sometime during the deafening blares of the air horns, it appeared Fredi Gonzalez got tossed when the Marlins were called for batting out of order. Hanley Ramirez left the game as well with a tight right hamstring, but FishStripes maintains that those were just excuses for the two to hit the showers early to get away from the horrifying noise of the vuvuzelas.

The Rays were up 5-2 until the bottom of the eighth when the Marlins pushed three runs across to tie up the score. The game stayed tied until the top of the eleventh when Jorge Sosa walked in two runs before giving up a two-run single to Jason Bartlett to put the Rays up 9-5.

It was an awful night for the bullpen overall, which combined to give up five runs on six hits and ELEVEN WALKS.

The Marlins did make a valiant attempt at a comeback in the bottom of the eleventh inning when they loaded the bases with none out, and Chris Coghlan hit a two-run single to put the Marlins within two. Gaby Sanchez followed with an RBI single to make it 9-8, but with no outs and a runner on third, the Fish couldn't manage to score the run and tie up the game.

Of course, the beauty of the vuvuzela howl is that it can be used to express both joy and misery, so fans were equipped to handle the loss.

After the game, umpire crew chief Tom Hallion said "It was the most uncomfortable baseball game I've been a part of in a long time."

We couldn't agree more. In keeping with the vuvuzela theme, the game blew.

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