Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Mets (4/5)

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Josh Johnson

#55 / Pitcher / Florida Marlins

6 -7




Jan 31, 1984

Johan Santana

#57 / Pitcher / New York Mets





Mar 13, 1979


To paraphrase the great Thomas Boswell: Time begins on Opening Day.  

We've sat around all winter long, braving the cold, (Yes, the cold.  It's been a harsh winter by Florida standards.) waiting for the boys of summer to take the field.  And finally, that wait is over.  Our Florida Marlins are up in the big apple to start the season against the Mets. 

Neither pitcher needs an introduction, you all know who they are.

Ichthyomancy is back and ready for a brand new season of fun and: "Craig, why wasn't my player chosen as player of the game?  Sure he went 0-5 and grounded into 4 DP and committed 3 errors all which allowed runs to score, but he did it with style."

I always miss Ichthyomancy during the offseason.  But it is the offseason no more.  Let's Play Ball!




FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
3.3seconds 43,734 JJ Marlins: 6 R
Architect 37,008 Gaby JJ: QS, W
Boozer 40,000 Hanley JJ: K > Mets base runners
Brickell 41,800 JJ Maybin: HR
Bumppo 39,260 JJ JJ: QS, W
Colombo 39,987 Coghlan JJ: IP+K ≥ 1.5*Santana IP+K
Coryeuc 40,563 JJ JJ: no-no thru 6
Cpmustangs 39,872 Uggla Maybin: 2 SB
Dan 41,111 Maybin CC: leadoff HR
Dgriot 41,900 Hanley Gaby: 1+ HR
Evermoresg 42,838 JJ CC: 2B
Farrish 41,500 JJ CC: 0-4, 2 K
FishFilet 42,632 Hanley JJ: QS, W
FSUMarlins 38,242 Cody Gaby: HR 1st AB
FSUSpot 39,753 Cantu Nunez: P bases loaded
Gator4life 42,339 Coghlan CC: 2-3, 2 RBI
GMFB 42,001 Cantu JJ: QS, W
HadMatter 41,007 Cantu Hanley: TB+R+RBI > 4; JJ: W
Hurricane 42,229 Hanley Coghlan+Gaby H > Bay+Jacobs H
Jrsyeagle 42,000 Cantu Marlins: 3+ SB
LadyFish 41,010 Gaby Hanley: HR
Ocelotfox 43,250 JJ CC+Maybin+Hanley=5+ H
Panamafishfan 41,967 Hanley Hanley: drives in Maybin
Pepsidude 41,324 Coghlan Hanley+CC+Cantu=4+ H
Spud 41,200 Cantu Marlins lead by 2+ R end of 3rd
Tdp992 42,246 Hanley Met: injured
UggsNotDrugs 44,756 Cantu Santana XBH > JJ XBH
Volstud 42,000 Uggla Santana IP < 5
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