Fish Wrap - The Double Header

DENVER - APRIL 24: Starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco #47 of the Florida Marlins works against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on April 24, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

No, you are not getting the usual excellent Fish Wrap from GameFish, instead you are getting one from me.  Let's all try to suffer through this together.

So here goes:

Game One.

Ricky Nolasco was simply brilliant.  He went 8 innings striking out 9, walking no one and the run scored against him was pure luck.  Dan Uggla went yard for the Marlins first run in second inning and then Brett Carroll hit a laser to deep to center field in the fourth that was pretty much was the end of the game.  Now, of course I didn't see any of this since sucks, but it sounded good on the radio.  Leo Nunez came on for the save and promptly walked Todd Helton because we can't have a game without a walk.  But he did induce Troy Tulowitzki to ground into a double play so the walk turned out to be no big deal and went on to get the save.

I was listening to the Rockies radio broadcast and their announcer, who is new this year, said something like: "Nolasco is effectively wild.  The pitches that look they are going to be in the strike zone end up out of it and the ones that look they aren't end up in strike zone."  With all due respect to the announcer: that is not effectively wild, that is called good pitching.

The Marlins won the first game 4-1.

Game Two.

Unfortunately Aaron Cook showed up with his "A" sinker and the Marlins proceeded to just pound the ball into the ground and he pitched a complete game.  Nate Robertson showed up with his best plunking ball and not to mention he couldn't find the strike zone with both hands and a flashlight.  When he accidentally got something over the plate, the Rockies tagged it.  It really wasn't a pretty game to watch and it didn't get any better when Hensley and Meyer took the mound.  But even if all the Marlins pitchers had performed well, it probably wouldn't have mattered since only Wes Helms and Chris Coghlan showed to have any clue on how to hit Cook's sinker.

The Marlins lost the second game 8-1.

As Bumppo roughly said earlier in the comments, it always seems the Marlins end up playing the Rockies in a double header in April and it always results in a split.  2010 was no different.

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