Marlins playoff hopes

The Marlins chances of making the playoffs are pretty dim, but stranger things have happened.

Here are the NL East standings:

NL East Standings

Philadelphia 87 61 .587 0 Won 1
Florida 80 70 .533 8 Lost 1
Atlanta 80 70 .533 8 Won 1
New York 65 86 .430 23.5 Lost 1
Washington 51 98 .342 36.5 Lost 2

(updated 9.22.2009 at 9:59 AM EDT)

The Marlins have 12 games remaining, so even if they go 12-0 and the Phillies go 6-8 the Fish will be eliminated.  With the Marlins still having to play the Phillies 6 more times they can put a pretty good size dent in their loss column.  Unfortunately, the Phillies are going to play 4 games against the hapless Astros and 4 against an inconsistent Brewers team.  Who knows, maybe the two will help out.

The wild card looks a little better, but not much.

National League Wild Card Standings

Colorado 85 65 .566 0 Won 2
San Francisco 81 69 .540 4 Won 1
Atlanta 80 70 .533 5 Won 1
Florida 80 70 .533 5 Lost 1
Chicago 77 72 .516 7.5 Won 2
Milwaukee 74 76 .493 11 Lost 1
Houston 70 80 .466 15 Lost 8
Cincinnati 69 81 .460 16 Won 1
San Diego 69 82 .456 16.5 Won 3
New York 65 86 .430 20.5 Lost 1
Arizona 65 86 .430 20.5 Lost 3
Pittsburgh 56 92 .378 28 Lost 3
Washington 51 98 .342 33.5 Lost 2

(updated 9.22.2009 at 10:09 AM EDT)

If the Marlins were to win out, 12-0, and the Rockies go 8-4 the Fish are eliminated from the wild card race.  The folks at Purple Row think that if the Rockies go 6-6 it will probably be good enough to win the wild card.  I think they are in all likelihood correct.

Either way you look at it, the Marlins have to get unbelievably hot for the last 12 games in order to have a chance at the playoffs.  Can it happen?  Yes.  It is likely? Probably not.  Especially considering the longest win streak in franchise history is nine games.  But the Marlins break records all the time.

To get the best insight available I did the intelligent thing and consulted my Magic Eight Ball.  Asking the question: Will the Marlins make the playoffs?  Magic Eight Ball responded: Outlook Not So Good.

Stupid Magic Eight Ball.

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