Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Nationals 5

GameFish has found something better to do this weekend than recap the games, so you are stuck with me.  So for the next two games there will be none of that creativity, humor, or accuracy stuff.  Just me.  Aren't you the lucky one.  My recommendation to you is not to buy lotto tickets for the next two days because you have entered into a cold streak.

Anyways, they tell me there was a game played.  Didn't see it so it is old box score recap -- Woo Hoo!

Okay, let's take a quick glance at this thing.

The first thing of note is the Marlins were wearing those stupid red caps, God I hate those.  They also make a blue special event cap, which wouldn't look so bad, but no, we can't wear it.  It has to be the red one.

In the first Josh Johnson walked the leadoff hitter, which is never good, and Adam Dunn went yard for a 2-0 Nationals lead.  In the bottom of the same inning J.D. Martin returned the favor and Hanley Ramirez took him yard to tie the score at 2.

Then for the next four innings nothing much happened except JJ threw a bunch of pitches and the Marlins couldn't get a hit with a runner in scoring position.  JJ was pinch hit for in the bottom of the fifth.  This is a good thing in that they are watching him very closely.  He has already thrown 188.1 innings this season and the injury nexus is around 170 innings.

So to the sixth we go and Brian Sanches came on in relief and promptly walked the leadoff hitter, that always work.  The Chief got two outs but couldn't close the deal and when the dust settled the score was Nats 4, Fish 2.

Then comes the seventh when Andrew Miller returned to the mound.  BGA was in mid-season form and gave up a home run to the second batter he faced.  Score now Nats 5, Fish 2.

In the eighth the Marlins had men on first and third with no outs and couldn't score even one stinkin' run.

To the ninth, still trailing 5-2, Danny led off the inning by going blue seats.  5-3.  Cody singled, now the tying run is at the plate.  Gload walked, tying run on base and winning run at the plate.  Bonifacio pinch-hit for the pitcher and was pathetic.  Look, if a sacrifice is called for the Marlins have a whole bevy of pitchers who can sacrifice bunt better than Bonifacio.  After that Coghlan hit into a double play and the game was over.

The Marlins pitchers walked 8.  The Marlins hitters went 0-8 with runners in scoring position.  It is amazing the game stayed as close as it did.

Unfortunately the Phillies won so we are back to being six games out.

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