case for smoltz?

                                                                                    Should the Marlins even go after Smoltz?

Lindstrom's SMOLTZ 2009 stats


40 IP  8.32 ERA  1.70 WHIP...  59 H   9 BB   8 HR

RH   .232 BAA   .94 WHIP

LH   .444 BAA   2.66 WHIP


Clearly, his splits show coming out of the bullpen for righties, or at least as a decoy, is his most likely situation. With the Fish only playing (excluding the Rockies) 8 more teams there are about 15-20 righties from those teams that, if Smoltz could dominate, could make him a huge pickup.


Smoltz Career Numbers Against

NAME                         H/AB          K's          HR's          BA/OBP

Y. Escobar                                    (never faced)

M. Prado                                        (never faced)

G. Sheffield              10/45           7               1              .222/273

D. Wright                  10/46           21             3              .217/.309

J. Francoeur                                  (never faced)

J. Werth                      2/3              1               0              .667/.667

P. Feliz                       3/15            5               1               .200/188

R. Zimmerman       11/40          11              2              .275/.310

J. Willingham            4/11           3                0              .364/.429

R. Belliard                 3/17           5                 0              .176/.176

A. Pujols                    7/19            1                 3              .368/400

M. Holliday                7/19            7                 1              .368/.368

J. Lugo                        1/5             2                0              .200/.200

Y. Molina                     0/6             2                0                    0/0

B. Phillips                   0/6             2                0                    0/0

S. Rolen                    9/34             8               2              .265/.316

W. Taveras               2/12             4                0              .167/231

J. Gomes                                   (never faced)

C. Lee                        1/3              2               0               .333/.500

M. Tejada                    3/6            0                0               .500/.500


These career numbers don't seem to be good enough against the actual hitters Smoltz would face down the stretch; even as a reliever. Getting Badenhop back (paired with a healthy A. Sanchez) are much better options at this point in the season.

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