Jayson Stark on Marlins trade talk

Just a quick fanpost on a segment I heard this morning on 790 the Ticket, featuring Jayson Stark. I listened for about 15-20 minutes, and wish I could've listened longer but I had to go to work. Here are some bullet-points on what he said about possible Marlins dealings. As you probably alreayd know, the non-waiver trade deadline is tomorrow.

  • The Marlins aren't very active in the trade market. Stark hasn't heard much about possible Marlins deals.
  • The Marlins are looking for an extra outfield bat, someone like a Jonny Gomes (that was an example; I don't think he meant that we were actually asking about Gomes). But there's very few available low-salaried, extra outfielders who are on non-contenders and could be acquired relatively cheaply.
  • There apparently was some Hermida-to-the-Cubs chatter a while ago, but it's died. The team apparently does not have plans to move Hermida. (I'm not sure if that's because they value him, or because no one will surrender anything worthwhile for him.)
  • The Marlins asked about the Padres' Heath Bell. Any Bell deal would require Andrew Miller or Sean West, and the Marlins don't want to do that, at least at this point. Stark thinks Bell for West might be a good deal. He also touted Miller's potential and said that you don't want to give up on him yet. But Miller also needs to master more than one pitch, which may be impossible with his delivery; Miller still throws across his body and Stark thinks he needs a new delivery.
  • A caller asked about acquiring Victor Martinez from the Indians. Stark said it was highly unlikely, and that it would probably require someone like Cameron Maybin. He said to use the Cliff Lee deal as a comparison: the Indians are looking for multiple quality prospects.
  • The team will not trade Mike Stanton, and Logan Morrison's probably not far from untradeable, as well.
  • And the most interesting tidbit...the Marlins actually inquired about Roy Halladay. They were told it would take a package including Stanton and Maybin and that was the end of that.

With the trade deadline looming, all the well-connected baseball pundits like Stark, Kurkjian, Olney and Gammons are making the TV and radio rounds. If you've heard anything else about the Marlins, please post it here!

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