Fredi Got Fired?

Let's do a quick recap of questionable calls made by your friend and mine Fredi Gonzalez after the All-Star Break...

1)  Tied 4-4 with runners (hanley and bonifacio) on 1st and 2nd in the bottom of the ninth against the league-leading Phils.  Any little league coach in America would tell the next batter Cantu to sac these guys over.  Then with one out you have your fastest guy at 3rd.  Even if they walk Ross the next batter, all Paulino has to do is basically make contact and we WIN THE GAME!  Instead cantu flies out, ross K's, and paulino grounds out.  Lose in 12.

2)  Later in the Phils series, Fredi (a) chooses to walk Bako to get to Werth.  Genius!  (b)  runs through the positional players and ends up having to use Volstad as a pinch hitter (who ended up laying down a bunt and probably should have drawn the walk but didn't courtesy of a low strike called).  Still, brilliant!  (c)  chooses to pitch to Utley with a 3-0 count and the ball ends up in the seats.  Wonderful!

3)  Tonight against the Pads, Fredi once again has runners on first and second with no outs and a tie game and he has Uggla swinging away.  Fredi, it's called a SAC BUNT!  Chase Headley bailed you out tonight.

Further, this management and staff is fooling themselves to believe that Bonifacio is the next Juan Pierre.  Tonight was just another example of how poor of a fielder and top-of-the order guy Bonifacio actually is.  He can't field (leads all 3B in errors and looked terrible tonight in San Diego) and he can't get on base.  When he is on base, he can't steal bases even though he's the "fastest" guy in the league. 

The only three people on this planet that think Bonifacio is worthy of starting in Major League Baseball are Fredi Gonzalez, Mike Hill, and Larry Beinfest.  Beinfest, you should know better than this.  Your eye for talent is better than anyone in the league.  This is a good enough sample size.  Everyone else can see that he still needs at least another year of development in the minors.  At the very least, he should be an Amezaga-type in this league and that might be his full potential.  Keep him on the bench.  Bring him in to pinch run.  Maybe put a bat in his hands when we need a sacrifice to move guys over.  Cool, we get it.  He's fast.  But come on already.  You guys have to see what we all see...

Possible player personnel moves to make: Call up Gaby, give him a shot at 3B.  Move Uggla to a team that needs a guy that can't hit in the clutch, can't touch a breaking ball, and hits 30 homers a year.  Love Uggla but enough is enough.  Try to get a professional hitter like Freddie Sanchez to insert into the lineup.  Try to move Hermida and get some prospects.  Bring up Maybin to start in the OF.   Even if none of this happens, GET BONIFACIO OUT OF THE LINEUP.  

Back to the point, run Fredi out of town and bring in someone that can light a fire under these guys.  I'm thinking a Jack McKeon/Larry Bowa-type.  Someone that isn't afraid to have a power hitter lay down a bunt.  The major difference between this team and 2003 is the little things that we did so well back then and look so inept in doing this year.  Small ball is how we used to win ballgames, and now it's as if we can't lay down bunts any more.  This team doesn't need a "player's manager."  They are young and impressionable.  We need an identity and it starts with the manager.  Let's make it happen fellas.  The wild card is within reach.

Go Fish!

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