What is the acceptable age to still wear a glove to a game?

So, as many of you know, Chris Coghlan hit his first carrier homerun yesterday, which also accounted for his first 2 RBIs of his Major League carreer.  Happiness was inspired by the Coghlan family and Marlins fans alike.

As a 23 year who attends more baseball games than I can afford, I could not help but notice the gentleman that caught the ball seemed noticably older than me.  I played baseball for several years, have worked at stadiums, and am generally a fan of the game.  Most importantly for this conversation, I do not bring a glove into the stadium.

As the game went on, sadly, the happiness dissapated like too many games this year, Jeremy Hermida continued to be terrible at life, and Nolasco continued to look, as Tommy would say, "uncomfortable on the mound."

I was in much less of a positive mood as Craig Minervini interviewed the friend of the fan who caught Chris' HR ball.  Again, I was struck by his age, but this time more so by the fact that "ballhawking" is a past-time, and almost a job to him.

This interview was followed by Craig interview the "Happy Youngster" himself, who touted his "ball-hawking" abilities, and had very reasonable demands for trading over the ball.  No foul there, however, his apparent age pushed my disappointment to anger when I found out how often he does such things.

So, I checked out his websites here and here.  Much to my dismay, this fan brings multiple outfits to games, shows up before batting practice, is 29, married, and has 2 kids.  His family shows up at the regular game time to meet up with him, though he does not let this interfere with his "ball-hawking" duties.  He claims to give away meaningless balls, but has pictures on the blog, in empty stadiums after games with his pockets over-filled. 

I do not understand how a grown man, with a wife and family, that is a police officer, a) does this but more imperatively, b) still brings a glove to a game. 

So, fellow fishstripers (obviously I'm still stewing about the loss), I ask you... how old is "too old" to still bring a baseball glove to games?  Do you thing the "happy youngster," who is not too young, is sane?

You know where I stand...


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