Sean West is still family.

The recent Sean West incident was of course unfortunate. But there are some aspects that should be considered IMO.

It was not a DUI. He was not driving. He didn't kill anyone. He was dead drunk. They should have just helped get him back to his hotel and left him with his hangover.

He was not pitching the next day. His season was essentially already over.

IMO these kinds of incidents should not even be reported. Mickey Mantle used to show up everyday vomiting with a hangover and that never got reported. (Just like that stupid Uglla/Hanley incident should never have made the media.)

I would bet that the chances of hitting the national media with something like this are less than 1 in a hundred. Sean West was unlucky.

Boys will be boys. Everybody complains about the Marlins low payroll, but Hillary Clinton would still call the lowest paid member of the Marlins rich. These guys make a lot of money and some don't know what to do with it. And temptation is everywhere.

The limo driver is a rat fink, pure and simple. (That's assuming he was the one that finked on Sean West). He's making good money, and he betrays his customer. I would hope that not only sports figures but all entertainers would figure out who the guy is and boycott him and his company. In fact his company ought to fire him.

I note that the Philadelphia writers took great glee in publicizing this ridiculous story. I would hope the South Florida writers would return the favor when some Phillies wander over to South Beach for a night of carousing.

Sean West is a good kid with a good attitude. He has a nice easy delivery which should help him last for years. He has a great change up and is very effective when he keeps his fast ball low. I think his future is good. I am sure he has learned his lesson here.

He's still family and we should stand by him.

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